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Site Map Who We Are Our Team History Core value Partners Who We Help Healthcare Clinical/EMR Dental Image & Labs Interoperability & Integrations Practice Management Regulatory Compliance Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Telehealth Fintech Payments Lending Mortgage Mobile Banking Investments & Trading RPA Compliance Security Education Hospitality Sports Tech Manufacturing & Logistics others Retail Ecommerce Insurance […]

API Testing Home What We Do QA-Testing API Testing Benefiting from API Testing Organizations are increasingly using REST APIs as a standard way to provide functionality and data to both internal and external applications. Our advanced API testing service helps validate the API functionality, reliability, performance and security of the application for which it is […]

Usability Testing Home What We Do QA-Testing Usability Testing User Experience Testing Analyzing, identifying, and benchmarking workflow issues, bottlenecks, and weak points in core features before they are coded helps ensure high application usage and avoids expensive errors.  The earlier issues are identified and resolved, the faster and less costly you’ll get your application to […]

Security Testing Home What We Do QA-Testing Security Testing Prioritizing Security Testing Security Testing Protecting data and intellectual property continues to be a challenge for many companies as the hacking community tries to stay one step ahead. Our testing teams have the expertise with authentication and authorization features and security protocols to ensure your applications […]

Mobile Testing Home What We Do QA-Testing Mobile Testing Expanding Mobile Testing Many organizations publishing software are adopting a mobile-first strategy to address the evolving needs of customers.  Testing mobile apps requires a unique strategy and approach compared to web- and desktop-based software.We have years of experience building and testing mobile apps in terms of […]

Database Testing Home What We Do QA-Testing Database Testing Harnessing Database Testing For most modern software applications, the database forms the core of the architecture, and the proper functioning of the database is essential for the software to perform as expected.  Our test engineers have experience testing for and identifying the various issues that can […]

Performance Testing Home What We Do QA-Testing Performance Testing Comprehensive Performance Testing A key question for any software development team is, “Does the speed, responsiveness and stability of the system work at the levels anticipated when the software is released to the intended users?” Comprehensive performance testing ensures the system meets the performance criteria specified […]

Functional Testing Home What We Do QA-Testing Functional Testing Exploring Functional Testing Does the product work as designed? Functional testing compares the system’s functions as built against the requirements, verifying whether the new system supports all typical and edge use cases. We prepare a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) to map the original requirements to test […]

Manual Testing Home What We Do QA-Testing Manual Testing Applying Manual Testing While test automation is becoming more widely adopted, manual testing is often still required when the testing scenario involves complex logic or human observation. It includes identifying bugs, issues and defects in the application, and serves as the foundation for automated testing. We […]

Automated Testing Home What We Do QA-Testing Automated Testing Implementing a Test Automation Strategy The main benefits of automated tests include reducing the amount of time spent on manual testing, reducing human errors, increasing consistency and the breadth of testing scenarios and thereby improving the quality of the resulting software and reducing the overall cost […]