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These days performance is a crucial part of the user experience. Applications are complex and must often support thousands of requests simultaneously. It’s critical that an application can scale securely while still providing an exceptional user experience. In order to keep up with the performance demands made on modern-day applications, many organizations are adopting a […]

Site Map Who We Are Our Team History Core value Partners Who We Help Healthcare Clinical/EMR Dental Image & Labs Interoperability & Integrations Practice Management Regulatory Compliance Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Telehealth Fintech Payments Lending Mortgage Mobile Banking Investments & Trading RPA Compliance Security Education Hospitality Sports Tech Manufacturing & Logistics others Retail Ecommerce Insurance […]

Product Development Home What We Do Project Types Product Development Product Development Building software products is the science of taking an idea and turning it into a usable product. Software should be visualized as the end-product Consider the entire product’s life-cycle to make it more robust Product Development requires a unique set of skills and […]

Legacy Systems and Mainframes Home What We Do Project Types Mainframes & Legacy Systems Legacy Systems and Mainframes As mainframe and legacy systems are slowly being transformed.There are countless core businesses dependent on and servicing customers using these custom build systems of the past. We have the engineers proficient in mainframe and legacy applications Our […]

Integrations Home What We Do Project Types Integrations Integrations It is imperative for your software to be well integrated within the industry ecosystem to be widely accepted. Healthcare and Financial industry applications are required to be compliant with government regulations regarding integrations APIs and complex integrations require the necessary expertise for ease of use to […]

Security Home What We Do Project Types Security Security Securing software and data is a top priority for all enterprise organizations.The Challenges exists with having the necessary experience to review and identify security holes in your software, then creating a plan for remediation. Create a hack & penetration proof data protection and encryption systems. We […]

Mobility Solutions Home What We Do Project Types Mobility Solutions Mobility Solutions Build attractive mobile applications for every business case, internal or external, desktop or web.Take advantage of the benefits of mobile technologies to increase user satisfaction. Attractive and seamless changes to your existing software Extend the life of your current software platform Bring new […]

Performance Engineering Home What We Do Project Types Performance Engineering Performance Engineering The adoption rate by software users is directly related to performance. Underperforming software can be the result of poor database design, inefficient queries or poorly written code to name a few We create high-performing applications and fine tune applications built by other teams. […]

AI/ Machine Learning Home What We Do Project Types Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning Turn the massive amount of data you are storing into intelligence using sophisticated algorithms. Create a competitive edge. Develop Intelligent applications with data architecture, analytics and data conversions. Predict customer behavior and anticipate customer needs. Improve business intelligence and make […]

Digital Transformation Home What We Do Project Types Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Demanding customers are pushing enterprise orgs to undergo digital transformation at record speeds. Transform your operation and apps from manual intensive processes to digital workflows Optimize performance with cloud-based apps to support growth and your competitive edge. We have 10+ years modernizing enterprise […]