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Want to take your UI design to the next level? Here are the latest trends that will redefine your UI design and how to use them. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) trends are ever-changing. While some trends build on the previous, some are completely new. Others, however, become timeless design techniques that will […]

Attractive UI Design Home How We Work Technologies Attractive UI Design Creating Attractive User Experience Creating web applications packed with complex functionality and at the same time making it attractive and easy to use is an important focus for Telliant’s designers. Our designers pay meticulous attention to page layout, navigation, optimal use of text size […]

Efficient Database Design Home How We Work Technologies Efficient Database Design Ensuring High-Performing Databases SAAS and web applications need an efficient database schema to ensure optimal use of storage and provide high performance and responsiveness. We assist our customers in selecting the right database product whether it is a relational DB such as SQL Server, […]

Database Design & Architecture Home How We Work Technologies Database Design & Architecture Designing for Optimum Performance A well-designed database guarantees informational consistency, eliminates redundancy, achieves efficiency and reduces storage needs. We have extensive expertise in creating logical data models using tools like Erwin, SqlDBM, LucidCharts, Visio or others. Attention to the details of clearly […]

Designing High-Performing Applications with Great User Experiences Awesome UX Drives High Adoption Home What We Do Design Creating the Best User Experience Architecting Software for Scale and Lower Total Cost of Ownership Just like building a house where the architecture not only dictates how it will look, but also how it will function, the architecture […]

If you write software or work for a company that does, chances are you have spoken to someone on your team about testing at one point or another. Testing is a critical step in the software lifecycle, and as part of an agile development method, it can help enterprises launch more and better products faster. […]

In today’s cloud-based, data-driven world, software integration has become crucial for enterprises that need to monitor operations efficiently and process data from disparate sources. Companies utilizing a multi-cloud or hybrid platform and those needing to integrate legacy systems and bring their applications up to modern standards will benefit from a comprehensive software integration strategy. While […]

Every successful product development project starts with a plan. Without one, you’re reducing the odds that your new product will deliver on your vision and its potential. This post will share a few ideas on how important a product roadmap can be to the success of your product development process and will suggest some tools […]

If you only use a traditional functionality-first approach, you’re missing out on a faster and streamlined way to build more products. We’ve put together reasons why API-driven development (ADD) is beneficial for your software. Before now, developers used a functionality-first strategy. While this strategy emphasizes core functionality, ADD prioritizes the application programming interface before creating […]

These days performance is a crucial part of the user experience. Applications are complex and must often support thousands of requests simultaneously. It’s critical that an application can scale securely while still providing an exceptional user experience. In order to keep up with the performance demands made on modern-day applications, many organizations are adopting a […]