Mobile Testing

Expanding Mobile Testing

Expanding Mobile Testing

Many organizations publishing software are adopting a mobile-first strategy to address the evolving needs of customers.  Testing mobile apps requires a unique strategy and approach compared to web- and desktop-based software.We have years of experience building and testing mobile apps in terms of notifications, device integrations, ease of navigation and intuitiveness.

Typical Mobile Application Tests

Mobile Testing Strategy

As you develop your mobile apps, it is important to develop a testing strategy that identifies which devices and OS versions you plan to support as well as which countries and what in-app purchases you plan to allow. Let us help you plan the test ecosystem parameters, such as simulators for unit testing, HockeyApp or Testflight for internal user testing, and a strategy for beta testing and Apple and Google store considerations.

App Functional Testing

This includes positive scenarios that validate the functionality from registration and login all the way to exiting the application, in order to ensure accuracy of field level validation, data capture and storage. Negative scenarios should include rejection of incorrect login credentials, incomplete forms and exiting the application when data is partially completed.

Usability and Environmental Testing

This includes checking application functions in different network types and different connection speeds, testing for aspects of platform fragmentation, physical characteristics and App Store guidelines, meeting today’s standards for usability, and testing application functions under external interruptions, such as incoming calls and charging.

Security &
Performance Testing

One of the most important requirements of a successful mobile app is that it performs well and is secure. We can help you ensure your application is compliant with mobile security standards, OWASP Mobile Top 10 and other emerging requirements. We can also identify “weak spots” in the system’s resources that impact memory and overall performance of the application.