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Devops Strategy & Planning Home How We Work Technologies Devops Strategy & Planning Improving Software Delivery Thanks to the needs of modern applications and the evolution of automation tools, the process of how applications are designed, built and tested has gone through nothing short of revolutionary changes in the last several years. Having helped a […]

Setting the Right Course with a Clear Product Strategy Building great software requires knowing where you want to go Home What We Do Strategy Telliant’s Software Product Strategy Services Is Having a Product Strategy Necessary? Defining your product strategy is the first and often the most important step in the digital product development process. A […]

The term “edge computing” is becoming increasingly prevalent as more and more IoT devices, smartphones, tablets, and other devices come online in remote locations. So what is “edge computing” exactly, why is it important to understand its benefits and drawbacks, and when should you consider edge in software architecture What is Edge Computing? Edge computing […]

In today’s cloud-based, data-driven world, software integration has become crucial for enterprises that need to monitor operations efficiently and process data from disparate sources. Companies utilizing a multi-cloud or hybrid platform and those needing to integrate legacy systems and bring their applications up to modern standards will benefit from a comprehensive software integration strategy. While […]

Every successful product development project starts with a plan. Without one, you’re reducing the odds that your new product will deliver on your vision and its potential. This post will share a few ideas on how important a product roadmap can be to the success of your product development process and will suggest some tools […]

If you only use a traditional functionality-first approach, you’re missing out on a faster and streamlined way to build more products. We’ve put together reasons why API-driven development (ADD) is beneficial for your software. Before now, developers used a functionality-first strategy. While this strategy emphasizes core functionality, ADD prioritizes the application programming interface before creating […]

These days performance is a crucial part of the user experience. Applications are complex and must often support thousands of requests simultaneously. It’s critical that an application can scale securely while still providing an exceptional user experience. In order to keep up with the performance demands made on modern-day applications, many organizations are adopting a […]

Atlanta Tech Village (ATV) is a community of innovation powered by the 4th largest tech space in the U.S. with deep connections to Atlanta’s business and investment communities. Its purpose since its founding 10 years ago has been to create 10,000 new jobs while fueling Atlanta’s rise to a top-five tech-startup center in the U.S. […]

Support The Start Up Community at Atlanta Tech Village Home Resources Telliant News Telliant Systems is Excited to Support the Start-Up Community at Atlanta Tech Village Atlanta Tech Village (ATV) is a community of innovation powered by the 4th largest tech space in the U.S. with deep connections to Atlanta’s business and investment communities. Its […]

Typically, on this site we write about topics related to technology, product development and business & strategy.  Today I would like to take a slight detour to share a little about our interest in one industry we spend a lot of time in, digital health, and our interest in supporting our local technology community. Georgia […]