Jul 15th, 2021

Top “Must Know” Trends In UI Design

Author - Seth Narayanan
Top "Must Know" Trends In UI Design
Jul 15th, 2021

Top “Must Know” Trends In UI Design

Want to take your UI design to the next level? Here are the latest trends that will redefine your UI design and how to use them.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) trends are ever-changing. While some trends build on the previous, some are completely new. Others, however, become timeless design techniques that will always be referenced for years to come. We all draw inspiration from these UI design trends, whether it;s a web application, mobile app, computer software, or game design.

Creativity is like a shelf which you can pull ideas from. Here are six must-know UI trends that’ll upgrade your product design and UX.

Use Bold Typography

Typography is a fundamental UI/UX design trend that can impact the success of a website or application, especially when delivering your message in a reasonable and concise way.

More than 90% of online information is text, and users only read about 20% of website text. So, it’s important to direct attention to the important stuff. It’s not ideal for users and web visitors to squint before reading your content.

Bold typography differentiates itself from the rest of the text on the webpage, makes a statement, and grabs the user’s attention quickly. Nike, Apple, and Dropbox are platforms that use bold typography to amplify their messages.

Employ a Mobile-First Approach

Mobile phones account for over half of the world’s website traffic. Due to the rise in mobile users, the mobile-first design trend is becoming a priority. The idea is to design for the small screen first before the bigger screens.

Designing for mobile first has significant benefits. For example, it takes less time. Also, you can always add more features to the larger screens after creating the mobile design.

Incorporate Animated Microinteractions

Microinteraction is when you animate objects on the screen to make them seem live. These animated interactions can keep users engaged and lead to a positive user experience. Although microinteractions are barely noticeable, they can significantly upgrade your User Interface Design. Microinteractions can also be earcons that provide prompt sounds to give users feedback on their actions or inactions. It also encourages users to explore more options and gives them a sense of operation. As a designer, there are subtle places where you can place microinteractions and have a “macro” effect on the user. These include the scrollbar, dropdown menu, submit button, hover cursor, tab bar, and notification icon. There are many examples of microinteractions in both web and mobile apps. For example, Twitter and Facebook’s animated “like” buttons.

Use Dark Mode

Dark mode or dark theme isn't new to UI anymore. From the looks of it, it’s one of those timeless trends that will be around for a long time. Users appreciate being able to change the look and feel of the app or website into a more modern and elegant interface.

But the dark mode plays a paramount role in UX beyond the aesthetic appeal. Users can spend as much time as they want on your product, even late at night. It also improves the readability of texts and helps the user’s battery last longer.


With Neomorphism, an element sticks out from the screen once a user makes a selection. Neumorphism prioritizes using solid colors and shadows. As a designer, you can make buttons, elements, or other selections easily noticeable using clear borders and blending contrasts effectively.

Ensure Device Synchronization in UI

Device synchronization is not only great for UI/UX but also for Customer Experience (CX). Maintaining a consistent interface and functionality across multiple devices improves user experience.

However, interacting with your product across multiple devices seamlessly and being able to perform the same tasks without the need for instruction will improve the customer’s experience.

From mobile to web and even smartwatches, synchronizing UI design is an important trend for designers.


While flamboyant UI designs are great, it’s vital to prioritize functional and user- friendly design. When integrating certain stylistic trends, consider how a user will interact with your app or website. If your organization does not have the UI skills, look to bring in external teams that provide UI design services , which can spark creativity in your software. Ultimately, a minimalistic and simple design focused on informative and functional interfaces is a timeless trend that designers must keep in mind.