Jan 22nd, 2024

Optimizing Your Applications: 5 Strategies for Harnessing Video Technology

Author - GuruPrasad Murthy
Jan 22nd, 2024

Optimizing Your Applications: 5 Strategies for Harnessing Video Technology

The rise of video technology like TikTok and Instagram Reels in recent years has many businesses scrambling to figure out how best to incorporate video into their web applications and marketing efforts. There’s no doubt that video is an effective selling tool and has the potential to reach billions of new users every day.

What is Video Technology?

This will depend on what type of software you’re building. Is it consumer-facing software with a social angle? Allowing users to shoot video directly in your app and share it with other users might be an excellent way to incorporate video.

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Or is your app business-facing? If so, embedding tutorial videos from a third-party platform such as YouTube or including in-house tutorial videos for onboarding and teaching users to accomplish specific tasks might be a helpful feature.

If your software handles scheduling and communication, adding video chat to your offerings might be a great way to let users take advantage of this tech.

Drawbacks of Video Technology

While video is hot right now and it is tempting to want to jump on the trend so you don’t get left behind, keep in mind that video takes up a lot of bandwidth, and has the potential to introduce technical issues to your platform. Laggy video, slow network connections, and buffering issues are all things that will immediately turn users away from your app and toward the next best thing.

The good news is, these days there are so many existing video platforms out there, it’s not necessary to custom build your own video tech. Utilize an API from a trusted video platform like YouTube or Tik Tok to get the benefits of video technology while letting an experienced third-party handle the risks.

What kind of ROI would I likely expect from video integration?

The integration of any visual content—especially videos—has been proven again and again to drive significant conversion from browsers into users. Video is appealing to today’s short attention spans, and it’s engaging, pulling users in and helping them to connect with your brand.

With a clear CTA, strategic planning, and some A/B testing, you can expect to see click-through rates as high as 65% in an email marketing campaign that might usually only yield a CTR of 2-3%.

Who should consider this type of technology?
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All businesses can consider video technology. It keeps eyeballs on your site, increases traffic, and allows users to feel emotionally engaged with your content and your company. Taking video tech one step further and offering users the ability to create and upload their own videos to your site or app is another good way to boost engagement and create passionate brand ambassadors.