Testing Software Applications

Telliant Systems Expands their Services with Quality as a Service for Testing Software Applications

Telliant Systems is excited to announce their expanded Testing Services with enhanced Testing (QaaS) expertise. Companies can rely on their solid expertise for test planning, execution, setup, and analysis

Alpharetta, GA—December, 2019 – Today, Telliant Systems, a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions has strengthened its enterprise grade capabilities with enhanced QaaS Software Testing services. As part of Telliant’s expanded testing offerings, the QaaS service expertise will help enterprise clients save time and improve performance of their software applications by ensuring digital readiness and scalability for the latest cloud app demands.

Testing Software to Meet Digital-First Demands

Leveraging Telliant Systems’ enterprise grade software testing skill-set, our QaaS capabilities serve businesses to meet the demand of the high-stress and digital ready markets. Telliant Systems is a leader in cloud testing, software development, and integration services. Our services include architecture definition, agile development and implementations, ecosystem integration, platform-based application modernization, and support services with the latest digital-ready technologies.

Enhancing our client’s ability to engage, collaborate and share

Providing the best Quality Assurance Testing as a complete service is what we do. This approach is best for companies who want to have their existing codebase tested for performance and scalability. “This model is very simiar to a Software as a Service model, and it is ideal for businesses who do not have the time or interest to have internal resources dedicated to large-scale testing, including test planning, setup, prep, execution and analysis” said Seth Narayanan the founder and CEO at Telliant Systems.

For greater growth and increased profitability, it is important to assist our clients with our enhanced testing services for software applications. This can only happen when your testing partner is dedicated to your success by fully ensuring the application performance. The Quality as a Service teams at Telliant will customize and integrate the testing processes that will benefit your enterprise’s business requirements.

“One of the best benefits of hiring out software testing is the ability to get fresh eyes on your code. Your developers are so used to looking at the same program and codebase that they may overlook simple errors and quality issues – simply because they don’t notice them,” said Seth Narayanan. “

“We’re excited to bring these incredible service capabilities to our clients. We have spent considerable time building the best QaaS services teams that understand the demands of the latest cloud applications and the relationships between people and companies in the digital-ready world,” said Seth Narayanan, “ Our QaaS testing services include Web App Testing, Automation, Functional, Performance, Database Testing, and Mobile Testing which combines all of the above listed testing methodologies for mobile devices.”

Since its founding, Telliant Systems, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development, has collaborated with software developers globally. Telliant’s customers are comprised of organizations from many industries, such as healthcare, financial/banking, training/HR, insurance, retail, transportation, and government. Telliant offers dedicated project teams, turn key projects with hybrid engagement, and delivery models that are customized to suit the diverse needs of our global clients.

About Telliant Systems, Inc

Telliant Systems, based in Alpharetta, GA, provides a full range of services to customers in North America and across the globe. Telliant offers a diverse selection of custom software development services, such as application development, software testing, performance analysis, and software tuning. Telliant Systems’ services are available for a variety of software platforms, including Microsoft.NET Development and Java/J2EE, utilizing a range of open source technologies such as Linux, PHP, MySQL. Expert teams are available for development on mobile platforms including iOS and Android development and every platform in between. Telliant clients benefit from working with a multi-disciplined team of professionals with a proven track record of delivering results.

More information on Telliant Systems’ services is available at telliant.com. Telliant Systems operates through a state-of-the-art application development centers located in Alpharetta, GA and Chennai, India.