Innovating On and Off the Field

Modern Technology for the Modern Sport

Technology and data working together to
advance the Sports Tech industry

Sports Tech industry

Improving Athlete Performance and Health

  • Integrate real-time data from wearables and watches for immediate feedback to athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts
  • Optimize streaming content with automated, multi-angle video, performance analysis, instant replay, tagging, data and analytics
  • Equip coaches and players with more advanced visual insights into scores, metrics and analytics

Delivering the Ultimate Fan Experience and Operational Efficiencies 

  • Optimize streaming-content to create a better fan experience
  • Streamline administrative functions for facilities and venues
  • Enable the Stadium-as-a-platform with contactless ordering and payments
  • Sell and distribute tickets with integrated systems
  • Provide real-time data to steer guests to less-congested concession stands and restrooms

A Proven Model of Success

The Fan Experience

The Fan Experience

Driving highly-interactive, frictionless fan experiences with image/video optimization, mobile ordering and contactless payments



Revamping the recruiting process with AI and machine learning to perform deeper forecasting and better predictions

Athlete Performance

Athlete Performance and Analysis

Improving athlete performance and minimizing risks with state-of-the-art biometric sensors

Training Coaching Insights

Training and Coaching Insights

Optimizing sports training with live-tracking insight into performances, muscle movements with wearable devices and 3D simulation

A Sampling of our Success



As golf tournaments grow in popularity, this software company wanted to offer a more robust platform to drive their share of the tournament management market. This company partnered with Telliant to expand the capabilities of their software to include key features helping them dramatically build their customer base.


Modernized the software by web enabling the legacy software and migrated it to the cloud for improved accessibility and scalability. Revamped the user interface to be responsive and hence accessible from phones and tablets. Enhanced functionality to include custom event management, live easy mobile scoring, instant leaderboard tracking, advanced notification and communication through SMS & Email among others