Ensuring High Functioning Software with Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Driving Quality into every aspect of Software Development

Verifying & Validating Your Software Application

Verifying & Validating Your Software Application

As one of the most critical steps in the product development process, testing and QA gives you confidence that your product works as planned, scales as necessary and performs the way your users expect.

  • Improved on-time, on-target delivery schedules
  • High-performing, high-quality applications that meet the needs of their users
  • High system uptime and availability
  • Improved user satisfaction and usability scores

Our team of seasoned QA experts can work as a standalone QA team (enabling your team to focus on building great products) or as an embedded QA team as part of a complete Telliant product development team.

Services Provided

Telliant provides a broad array of manual and automated testing and QA services to fully prepare any applications we build to be ready for commercial usage.

Automated Testing

Automated Testing

Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Functional testing

Functional Testing

Performance testing

Performance Testing

Database testing

Database Testing

Mobile testing

Mobile Testing

Security testing

Security Testing

Usability testing

Usability Testing

API testing

API Testing