Manual Testing

Applying Manual Testing

Applying Manual Testing

While test automation is becoming more widely adopted, manual testing is often still required when the testing scenario involves complex logic or human observation. It includes identifying bugs, issues and defects in the application, and serves as the foundation for automated testing.

We have in-depth experience creating manual testing programs, including the creation of test plans, entry/exit criteria definitions and developing manual test scripts for all modules of the software, and we can help you achieve the right balance between manual and automated testing.

Black box testing:

Testers focus on the inputs and outputs of the application without considering its internal structure; ensures specifications match requirements.

White box testing:

Testers have knowledge of the internal design, architecture and codebase to evaluate the design, usability and security of the application.

Exploratory testing:

Testers have the freedom to explore the application without the limitations of test cases, typically resulting in new test cases to add into the testing process.