Software Maintenance and Support

Maintaining high-quality software and delivering superior customer support over the full product lifecycle

Benefits Offered by
Software Maintenance and Support Services

You can realize a wide range of benefits by outsourcing software maintenance and support. The immediate and long-term advantages of considering an outsourcing model for your application software maintenance are as follows –

Software Maintenance

Feature Enhancement & Performance Improvements

  • Progression of features upgrades
  • User identified upgrades
  • Removing non-effective/functional features
  • Performance upgrades
  • Overall functionality improvements

Let us help you

  • Bug Fixing
  • Bug report errors
  • Correcting design errors
  • Correcting logical errors
  • Specification document errors

Version Updates

  • Latest technology upgrades
  • Reducing Security risks
  • Ensuring hardware compatibility

Success Stories in Application Maintenance

As a software product development company, we have worked with clients in various industries to meet their growth needs.

Mortgage Software
Product Suite

Maintaining a Complex Mortgage Software Case StudiesIndustry: Financial Technology: Maintenance of .NET application

Maintaining a mortgage software suite of products with the latest govt. compliance regulations. Increase scalability for future customer growth.

Cloud-based Business
Intelligence Platform

Cloud Based Business Intelligence Platform Case Studies
Industry: Financial TechnologyTechnology: Cloud-Migration

To meet the future growth needs the client needed to migrate a legacy business analytics platform to cloud-based multiuser system.

Product Testing and
Performance Enhancement

Product Testing and Performance Enhancement Case Studies
Industry: Media Technology: Testing

Using Manual and Automated Testing to ensure that the development and maintenance process was adequate to meet their expanding objectives