Designing High-Performing Applications with Great User Experiences

Awesome UX Drives High Adoption

Creating the Best User Experience

Creating the Best User Experience

Architecting Software for Scale and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Just like building a house where the architecture not only dictates how it will look, but also how it will function, the architecture of your software solution is an important consideration. Our architects know how to get the most out of the foundation of your application.

  • Conduct a thorough review of your architecture to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Review the front-end and server side design and technologies for optimal performance.
  • Review the data architecture for scalability and performance.
  • Review integrations with ancillary systems for security, and scalability.
  • Choosing the right architectural style ultimately depends on the application and business case.The options are many and include layered architectures, object-based, service-oriented architectures, RESTful architectures, pub/sub architectures, and so on..
  • Count on Telliant’s expertise to review the complete architecture and make suitable recommendations.


Understanding how your users will use your product  is a critical part of the software development life cycle. It is both art and science, and our team of experts can make sure you get it right. Let our team of UX/UI experts help you


Build realistic, functional prototypes to test concepts and gather feedback.


Create great interactive designs based on efficient workflows gathered from your end user’s needs (via wireframes).


Generate beautiful visual designs to drive adoption.


Incorporate the latest design styles to make your product not only look good, but function well.


Provide documentation of key assets including a use case models, sequence diagrams, collaboration models, object behavior models, wireframes, visual designs and other assets.  Evaluate user experiences and interactions in our labs using Adobe XD, Balsamiq, Figma and testing the UX/UI experience with UXCAM Analytics.


Database Design for High Performance
and Scalability

The core of your application depends on a well designed database.Most performance issues are caused by poor design of databases, so careful planning and attention to detail is required when designing the database.

Database Design for High Performance

Telliant’s expert database architects will follow these steps to arrive at a solid database design:

  • Analyzing and understanding the requirements of the system is key step for a good database design.
  • Create a logical model first based on requirements followed by a physical model depending on the chosen RDBMS.
  • Use data normalization process to identify tables and columns to reduce redundancy and dependency.
  • Develop entities and relationships between them by creating entity-relationship(ER) models.
  • Identify the right primary keys, foreign keys and indexes need to best organize the database for the best performance.
  • Test the database with sample data and expected queries and make adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

A Proven Model of Success

software applications

10+ years of experience in designing smart, efficient software applications

user testing

Access to advanced user testing capabilities and facilities

Highly-certified UX/UI designer

Highly-certified UX/UI designers readily available.