Building Scalable, Profitable Software Products

We don’t just write code, we build great products

Building Software is What we Do

Our core competency is building great software products that allow you to do what you do best – service your customers and grow your business.


Software Partner at Every Step of the Product
Development Process


Our team of software engineers have spent their careers building a wide variety of products, including everything from cloud-based solutions to legacy platforms. Building software products requires understanding the strategy and vision behind it to create a positive experience and drive greater adoption.

Range of technology

Range of technologies

The technology landscape is changing rapidly with new languages, methodologies and tools becoming available constantly. It is easy to bet on a technology that in a very short time could become obsolete and require refactoring your code. Rely on our experience to guide you to choose the appropriate technology to build a product that delivers on your strategy and goals over the long term.

Development process

Development process

We follow software development methodologies that allow us to deliver a superior quality product, better control, greater project predictability, fewer risks, and more flexibility. Whether you prefer strict Agile methodology or a modified development process, we bring to you best practices for building software, ensuring speed of development, quality of code, optimized for performance and ease of maintenance.

The Benefits of Building with Telliant

  • Focus your resources on driving growth.
  • Faster time-to-market with deep expertise.
  • Cost-effective, qualified resources on-hand when you need them.
  • Flexible Engagement models to fit your needs.

A Proven Model of Success

  • Rich history of building and maintaining all types of software solutions.
  • Deep domain expertise to bring added understanding of your industry’s unique requirements.
  • Track record of solving complex technical and business challenges.

Building Software Options

Web Applications

Web Applications

We have more than 10 years of experience building responsive and visually appealing web applications that can be used on a variety of web browsers and mobile devices.

  • Optimizing and deploying web applications to leverage the power and sophistication of modern cloud services, such as containers, automated intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data analytics and visualization.
  • Building SaaS-ready, multi-tenant software that includes subscription management, payment processing, data security and protection for compliance intensive industries.
Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Increasingly customers are adopting a mobile-first strategy as consumers prefer using mobile apps for the ease and convenience for most activities whether it is shopping, banking, learning or healthcare.

  • Building vibrant and intuitive mobile apps for smartphones and tablets connecting to secure and scalable APIs.
  • Deploying native iOS, Android or cross-platform mobile applications with tools such as Xamarin, Flutter or React Native.
Analysis Visualization

Analytics & Visualization

The data collected by your web and mobile applications can be leveraged to build powerful charts, dashboards and interactive reports that help you visualize the key metrics that you need to make decisions.

  • Designing and building dashboards for both web and mobile apps will help you create a next generation visualization platform for your software.


Across all industries, consumer portals are an important way many companies interact with customers and employees.

  • Building feature-rich portals for patients to access their medical information, businesses to help their customers check balances and set up payment methods.
  • Deploying internal portals that help employers reach and communicate more effectively with their employees.