Microsoft .NET

Microsoft technologies have evolved from the very basic Visual Basis & MS-Access client/server model to the highly scalable and robust .NET platform. Increasing number of large enterprises are now adopting Microsoft technologies for developing enterprise applications.

At Telliant, we understand the various factors organizations consider that drive them to implement solutions in Microsoft .NET platform. Microsoft offers a large variety of languages, tools, server platforms and other options for implementing enterprise and web applications.

Microsoft Skill Sets

We have a highly experienced and talented pool of experts with experience in the following Microsoft Technologies:

  • Languages - (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, VC++)
  • Mobile Platforms – Windows CE, EVB, .NET Compact Framework
  • Tools – Visual Studio, FrontPage, VSS, MS Office
  • Component: ActiveX, COM/COM+, DCOM, Microsoft Transaction Server, MSMQ, OLE
  • Sharepoint Server, Project Server
  • Scripting (DHTML, JavaScript / Jscript, VbScript)
  • Data interchange (XML, XSD Utilization, SOAP toolkit)
  • Servers: Commerce Server, Internet Information Server (IIS), BizTalk Server, Content Management Server
  • Reporting (Crystal reports, BOXi, Active Reports, PDF Reports, SQL Reporting Services)
  • Databases – SQL Server, SQL Express, MSDE, Access

Using Best Practices In Microsoft Platforms

Telliant has an extensive set of standards that define exactly how an application is to be developed. These standards include coding & UI standards, guide-lines for designing system as well as templates for various stages in the software development. The resources at Telliant can also easily adapt to the coding conventions followed by the client. This is very useful for supporting existing applications or in cases where Telliant is required to conform to the client guidelines.

Telliant has also developed a comprehensive framework for developing object-oriented n-tier browser-based applications. The framework isolates the presentation layer & database from the business logic. The framework also provides for using web-services & separate layers of support functions (like error handling, audit logs, security, communication etc).

Building Applications Using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The advantages of SOA has become very apparent in recent years and Microsoft has been in the forefront championing the virtues of SOA. Telliant strongly believes in this vision and has made it a key thrust SOA/Web Services has the potential to alter existing software development paradigm. SOA/Web services lets organizations bridge communications gaps - between software written in different programming languages, developed by different vendors or running on different operating systems. Recognizing the potential of web services, Telliant advocates their extensive usage & conceptualizes windows & web services as a part of its solutions offered to its clients.

Areas Where We Can Help You

  • Architecting & Building Enterprise Applications Based On .NET
  • Building Prototypes and Proof Of Concept Models in Microsoft .NET
  • based system design and application development,
  • Web Portals / Data-aware web-sites
  • Building Custom Extranets / Intranets On .NET Platforms
  • Developing web services using the .NET framework
  • Re-engineering applications to .NET from legacy systems
  • Implementing Sharepoint Solutions
  • Integrating applications to MS-Office products (Word / Excel / Powerpoint / Outlook / Graph)
  • VBA Applications

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