Application Development

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    Microsoft will call it quits not only on Windows XP in less than 2 months, but will pull plug on Office 2003 the same day.

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  • Real Testing Must have "Depth" of Data:

    Quality and performance test for mobile apps and website in pre-release state.

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  • Bodycom Development Kit:

    Great way to up the security authentication to make it Really personal: Use your body's electric field to authenticate.

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    A study released says these are the trends that will affect big companies in 2014. They're going to influence you, too.

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Application Development

Telliant provides a comprehensive set of services to customers in the area of Application Development. We have adopted standardized methodologies to ensure consistent quality and the follow the cutting edge software applications.

We combine the best software methodologies with strict cost control to ensure that we deliver flexible, robust and cost-effective software solutions to our customers. Whether you are developing new custom software solutions for your organizations or you are developing state-of-the-art products for your industry, we will tailor an outsourced or co-sourced solution that will fit your need perfectly.

Utilizing our global talent pool, domain expertise in various fields, robust multi-technology backgrounds and proven methodology & benchmarking practices we help our customers increase their business efficiency and improve their ROI on IT investments.

Our Application Development Services Include:

  • Consult in technology selection and roadmap strategies
  • New Product Design & Development
  • Ongoing maintenance and enhancements of in-house applications
  • Ongoing maintenance of in-house applications
  • Consulting services for compliance and certification

Our Best Practices Include:

  • Thorough understanding & documentation of Client Requirements
  • Adherence to Software Development Methodologies
  • Strong Management Oversight Of Projects
  • Regular and Timely Reporting and Status Review Of Projects
  • Continual monitoring of quality, performance and development costs
  • Seek, listen and respond to customer feedback regularly

Telliant ‘s talented software engineers have demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction. They are trained to seek, listen and respond to your feedback regularly in order to ensure the project stays true to the vision and expectation of the customer.

If you are interested to speaking to us in more detail or if you have any questions regarding our Application Development Services please contact us. Contact Us »