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Application Security – Authentication

  • It is important to ensure your application is shielded from unauthorized use, both for regulatory purposes and asset safety.
  • The easiest way to enforce such usage is through user authentication.
  • Telliant makes it easy to implement a secure and robust authentication system that meets your needs while minimally impacting your users.
Your applications are important and contain sensitive information, so it is important to be sure that only authorized users can access that data or use your applications. User Authentication allows you to control and limit access to your system at minimal cost to the user. Telliant has extensive experience in implementing application authentication techniques such as Single Sign On, Multi-Factor Authentication, Password management and others. Telliant can help you deploy user authentication in your system with minimal impact and in such a way as to ensure ease of access for your users.

Application Security – Two-Factor Authentication

  • Two-Factor Encryption is quickly becoming a popular means of significantly improving security, particularly within the financial industries.
  • It provides strong security for applications of many kinds with minimal disruptions to the user.
  • Telliant offers simplified solutions that easily integrate into existing software and systems.
With the proliferation of web services and applications comes an increased security risk for those organizations that capitalize on it. Two-Factor Authentication is quickly becoming the most popular means of defense against identity attacks, and it is rapidly becoming the standard in many industries. Telliant can help you implement Two-Factor Authentication in your service or system, regardless of platform or language. Do not be left behind and risk vulnerability – Telliant makes Two-Factor Authentication easy for you with a minimal impact on your users.

Application Security – Single Sign On

  • Easily unify disparate systems with a single user account system.
  • Improve user experience by making it easy to access your systems without sacrificing security.
  • Simplify and streamline complex and growing systems.
Single Sign-On makes it easy for users to access a collection of systems with a single username and password. In addition to improving users’ interactive experience, Single Sign-On gives users the sense that your systems are unified and linked. Finally, Single Sign-On enables you to easily manage user accounts within your backend. Telliant makes implementing Single Sign-On easy. We can help you build Single Sign-On into your new web application or incorporate it into a system you already have, from the top-down architectural view to the actual code that runs on the server.

Application Security – Data Protection

  • The Data Protection Act of 1998 has added stringent legal requirements for systems who handle personal information about individuals.
  • Without proper protection, electronic records are highly susceptible to vulnerabilities.
  • Telliant can assist you in ensuring your data is properly protected, for the benefit of your business, your customers, and your legal responsibility.
Data breaches and leaks have become all too common nowadays, and often the source is poor protection. Electronic records are vulnerable in different ways compared to their paper forbears, and often businesses fail to take proper precautions. Telliant can help you ensure your business’ data is not just up to spec with the Data Protection Act of 1998 but even beyond, making sure your and your customers’ records are secure and safe. Telliant has extensive experience with the latest authentication and encryption technologies to put your mind at ease.
Leadership – Seth Narayanan

Seth Narayanan

CEO & Founder

Seth co-founded Telliant Systems in May 2010 to create a better software services delivery model so global corporations could truly leverage the benefits of outsourcing and offshore services.

Prior to starting Telliant, Seth founded Avalon International. As founder and CEO, he helped shape Avalon as a leading provider of software products and solutions to the check and payment processing areas of the banking and financial services industries. In 2008, Seth led Avalon to a successful acquisition by Bluepoint Solutions and took on the responsibility of serving as the CTO of the combined organization.

Seth began his career as a software engineer with Unisys Corporation in India and soon settled in the United States. As a consultant to Unisys for over 15 years, Seth gained comprehensive experience in software development and services delivery by working with several Fortune 500 and global customers with a particular focus on financial services and banking.

Seth earned a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras, India. He continued his education by receiving an MBA, with specialization in Marketing and Information Systems, from the Xavier Labor Relations Institute in Jamshedpur, India.

Seth lives in the Atlanta area with his family.

Leadership – Kathleen Narayanan

Kathleen Narayanan

CFO & Co-Founder

Kathleen Narayanan brings over three decades of software and business experience to Telliant Systems. She joined Seth Narayanan in 2012 to help lead Telliant after the successful sale of Avalon International, the duo’s previous venture, to Bluepoint Solutions. Avalon was a leading provider of software products and solutions to the check and payment processing areas of the banking and financial services industries. She managed the financial side of the business as well as contributing to product development, sales and customer relationships. Her enthusiasm, energy and IT experience make her a great asset to both companies.

Prior to Avalon, Kathleen spent more than a decade at Unisys Corporation in roles of increasing responsibility. Starting as a Programmer Analyst, she moved into key roles including Team Leader and Project Manager in several major software development and implementation projects. Kathleen regularly interfaced with large clients, many specifically in the banking industry.

While at Unisys, Kathleen was recognized as a small banking expert and solution provider. She received the Unisys Achievement Award for Excellence for her leading role in the development of the Unisys solution for Mellon Bank's Small Banking Service Center. She also developed the Unisys solution for Credit Union payment processing needs. Kathleen left Unisys to assist Seth full-time with Avalon International and its clients.

Kathleen started her IT career as a Programmer at Farmers' Bank and Trust in Hummelstown, PA while she was earning a BA in Technology Management at Pennsylvania State University and an AS in Computer Science and Accounting at Thompson College.

Leadership – Ravi Krishnamoorthy


Vice President of Global Delivery

Ravi Krishnamoorthy, PMP has over two decades of experience in technology and with a focus on the US healthcare and financial services industries. As Telliant’s Vice President of Global Delivery, he is responsible for developing and implementing Telliant’s global service delivery process.

Ravi works closely with Telliant’s clients to help them realize the business benefits of global sourcing by maintaining excellence through process and quality initiatives. He oversees Telliant’s Extended Delivery Center (EDC), having pioneered the EDC model to establish virtual delivery capabilities and enable the adoption of distributed agile methodology.

Ravi provides the strategic leadership and industry knowledge to scale up and strengthen Telliant’s delivery resources to meet the future demands of our growing business and for ensuring that the internal systems including technology and core infrastructure are solid, secure and scalable.

Ravi’s resume includes some of the best-known technology companies in the world such as Wipro, CSC, Cognizant and eMids and his experience spans leadership positions in client and project management. He earned a MS in Computer Applications and a BS in Physics from University of Madras, Chennai. His PMP credential is from the Project Management Institute, USA.